Winning Scratch Off Tickets – Learning The Ropes

Millions of people today think that they have good luck and bad luck. Without this ideology in their minds, there would be no casinos, no lotteries, and no games of skill for that matter. It starts with the notion of luck and ends with either a winning scratcher or a losing one for that matter. The notion of winning is not lost on modern times, modern times have presented a whole new generation of gaming options, but once you peel away the fancy designs, and much more, you will begin to see that it’s a lot easier to win, than most people are willing to admit. Lottery companies get rich when people lose, but at the same time, they can’t rig the scratchers completely, they can only try to play odds, and they beat you in a couple of ways. Scratch off tickets are not impossible, they just seam that way.

The first way that the companies beat the average person is by having too many choices. By having so many choices, the average player starts to feel their heart race faster, and the anxiety of winning or losing sets into the mind, forcing the hand of the player, making a bad decision and losing. It is true that people don’t like taking tests, even multiple choice fare, and the big business of creating cash from gambling know this, so they dupe you into playing a game where you have to choose only so many scratch points from a grand design, and 99% of the time the average player loses. But you can shift the odds, by simply making logical decisions, and relying on skill not luck to carry you through victory.

The second way big time lottery manufacturers force the average person to lose is by not talking about higher priced options. Most people aren’t going to squabbled over a $1 ticket, but when you are dropping $20 on a ticket, you’ll expect serious money to be returned for your investment. Truth be told, the odds shift when spending more, but if you’re going to go cheap, pay attention to our first warning.

The final way the companies screw you over is by letting convenience store owners to keep the tickets away from the consumer, that way, they can’t formulate a plan of action or figure out which tickets lend themselves best for making serious money. To combat this, you’ll have to either search out a vending machine or befriend the store clerk that will be honest about letting you see tickets before you scratch and also give you any inside information that might give you an edge.

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How To Win Scratchers – 2 Things Not To Do

Many people play games and have a little bit of fun from time to time, but they don’t realize that the main purpose of a game is to win. That same notion of winning is placed firmly on the notion of lottery scratchers, especially when the average lottery player overcomes the initial adrenaline rush of winning and considers something greater, winning on a regular basis. Everyone who seems to think that they have the lotto on lock, usually fails to exhibit winning strategies time and time again. Let’s put the whole thing into perspective, you can learn how to win scratchers, it just doesn’t happen on day one. It’s not fun to burst the bubble, but it’s very true, you can win but you won’t win 100% of the time and you won’t win your first time, at least not the big money.

It’s easy for us to sit here and tell you that you will win and you won’t win, and throw random facts at you, but there is something that most people do wrong and no one talks about. That’s why we are going to give you two things that you should not do under any circumstances. The following 2 things will help you make the right decisions, and if you don’t test these two things, you will lose big.

Throwing Tickets Away – The very first mistake that people make on a regular basis is to throw away losing tickets. You are probably scratching your head at the idea, but take a moment to understand the reason why you need to keep your tickets. When you lose, there’s an obvious reason why you lost, but you don’t understand it at first. After you’ve realized that you have a losing ticket, take that ticket and scratch off the rest of the areas that can be revealed. Once you have the whole ticket revealed, take note of where the winning and losing spots are. Once you map out losing tickets for some time, you will start to form patterns, and once you have unlocked the pattern, you will start seeing winning tickets by looking at them, and revealing the right areas. You will shift the odds, by knowing how often certain elements are right and what elements are wrong.

Playing Different Games – This is something that some might argue is dumb, but if you are serious about turning a profit from learning how to win scratchers, you need to pay attention. Do not play multiple games, stick to one or two games and that’s it. The reason why you want to do this is because you want to become an expert at the pattern that is presented in winning tickets. You will NOT win if you don’t know the patterns that are associated with scratchers. The only way to become an expert is to focus on one type of game on a regular basis.

The above are just 2 major tips on what not to do. You will lose if you continue to do the things listed above. You want to make sure that you’re winning, and winning requires an attitude of business, not fun. Always remember the notion of business, not pleasure, and you’ll understand how to win big for a long time.

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3 Reasons To Play Scratch Off Tickets

If you visit any major grocery store, convenience store, or even corner shop, you will notice that there are a lot of chances to win money available. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase a lottery ticket and get their hands on some serious money. Of course, it seems like a gamble, but truth be told, it can be beaten. The idea of winning through the lottery is a dream that many people struggle with for a lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be a losing process, it can truly be a rewarding and financially viable option for those that are willing to invest a little money in what some see as a game, and others see as an opportunity. With that in mind, consider the 3 reasons why you should be working with scratch off tickets today.

Ease of Use – The first thing that you’ll realize about scratchers is that it’s easy to play. You can play any other lotto system, and you will be scrambling to figure out the rules, and when you can check whether you’ve won or not. Face it, the lottery systems in most states are complicated, but that’s not the case with scratcher options. Most options are not only easy to use, it can garner you serious money.

Cost Effective – Among all the games of chance and skill that you can invest in, lottery scratchers are easy on the wallet. The lowest priced options start at $1 and the higher cost options can run you $20 a game. However, there are many games that have 2 in 1 option and in some states upwards of 6 different games and chances to win per purchase.

Serious Money – Many people think that you can only win millions by playing the pick 3, or pick 5 lottery options, but that’s not always true. Many games that you can find in a local convenience store can generate upwards of six figures and in some instances millions of dollars! Now that’s a pretty penny for an investment as low as $1.

The above 3 reasons why you want to play scratch off tickets are going to lead you down the right path of making money. One last thing to remember, take the game seriously, and pay close attention to any patterns that you see. You will inevitably see patterns align; it’s just a matter of time. Do not play games without keeping track of wins and losses.

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Scratch Off Ticket Secrets – Money Can Be Made

Millions of people spend their hard earned money on purchasing lottery tickets of all types. Whether it’s scratchers, pick 3, or even pick 5, you will find that a great deal of investors in the dream of making millions. If you have subscribed to that dream before, or are currently putting your money into the system, you are most likely going to laugh at the notion that there are scratch off ticket secrets to learn. Get your chuckles in now, as you’ll most likely join the other millions of people that laugh at the idea of shifting the odds into a favorable manner. Truth be told, there are some serious secrets that the lottery companies don’t want you to know, and they are held high in regards to those that know them, but because the majority of people that are either playing the lotto or are investing in financial resources outside of gambling like to make fun players, secrets are often thrown aside for luck. Let’s just get this first point clear, luck has very little to do with winning scratchers. There is a small element of it, but there is a distinct advantage that can be gained by doing a few things.

First and foremost, you will need to find a location near you that has the best selection of lottery tickets available. The reason why this is important is because you’re going to have to spend some time looking at which ones are selling well, which ones are not selling, and which ones give you the most bang for your proverbial buck. Look, but do not buy right away, take some time, investigate the options you have, and seriously look at the face of the tickets available. Look for options that have more than just 3 units to scratch. The more areas to scratch, the more opportunity you have to win.

After you’ve discovered the retailer with the most, it’s time to purchase tickets. Make sure to purchase only options that are limited edition, movie tie ins, and anniversary types to shift the odds, and get you winning more often. The reason why you want to invest in these specialized tickets is because lottery companies use them to hook new players, which means that the likelihood of winning changes from the average run of the mill game you will find. In fact, a quick search through online news websites will generate proof that lotto companies in all states push out easier to win options with movie tie ins, and anniversary editions.

The last secret is losing, and learning. You’re going to lose, you’re going to hate it at first, but if you pay attention when you don’t win, you will see patterns emerge. There are a finite number of choices to each ticket, and losing tickets can reveal patterns to recognize how to win at certain games. If you can recognize patterns before you even purchase a ticket, you’ll have learned a secret that even those working with lottery manufacturing don’t know.

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Scratch Off Games – 3 Warnings

When we talk about winning big with lottery games, often times we get carried away with how to win, and don’t really talk about the warnings that should be taken into consideration before sinking in a lot of time and money into any strategy. There are some red flags that need consideration before you spend any large sum on trying to win big with scratch off games, and that’s why this post is crucial. Before you move forward with any type of game option in mind, consider these warnings and make sure you’re not another victim.

Popular Games – Beware of the popular games, these will be your pitfall. The reason why we mention this is because there are certain games that get promoted to “best seller” status, and that’s not a good sign. You don’t want to buy the ticket that is selling the most; because that means that it has the most losers. Look for the ticket that isn’t selling quite well, and analyze the reasons why. You most likely will see a flaw in the system, and you might end up winning each time you play. This will be evident over time, take a moment to navigate through a few options before settling.

Cheap Games – Avoid cheap games, don’t go for 2 for 1 option and don’t spend $1 on each ticket. It’s tempting to do so, especially when there is an inherent value placed on purchasing lower cost options or games that have 2 tickets for the price of one. Do not fall for the cheap games; you’ll end up losing big over time.

Fast Scratching – The number one thing you’ll want to avoid is to scratch your tickets as fast as you can and without thought. This is the process of losing 99% of the time. People that buy lottery scratchers barely make it to their car before they finish scratching their ticket. Do not be one of those people, instead analyze the choices, figure out the odds, and then make educated decisions. Logic will always trump luck, remember that, and move forward carefully.

The above tips and warnings are going to get you past the entry gates and get you financially better. Do not settle into a routine without reading the above warnings. If you start to see yourself slipping into any of the habits listed above, stop yourself; take some time off from playing scratchers and recharge.

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