Tips To Win Georgia Scratch Off Tickets Easier

We all have big dreams, most of them involve winning the big lotto drawing and never having to work again. Those dreams are sometimes laughed at by many financial gurus, most of which think that it’s impossible to crack the code. For some, it’s a life long goal to win, while others just look at the components and realize that there is a loophole in the lottery company’s plans. The easiest way to win is not to play the drawings, but rather look into the scratchers. If you’re looking to find tips to win Georgia scratch off tickets with ease, then your journey should begin today, with understanding the game on a new level.

First and foremost, assess how often you’re playing the games, and how many times you’re switching from one to another. If you are doing this often, and you are not consistently playing 1 or 2 games only, you need to stop. The first tip is easy, play only 1 style ticket and become an expert at all the choices. Let’s take the average game for example, allowing you to select from a few areas to scratch. Now, the average person will play these games with full adrenaline flowing and make decisions that are rash to say the least. That has to change, so that your choices are calculated carefully. Select a ticket and let it rest, go do something else, and come back to it after your nerves have settled. Scratch it, and if you win, awesome, if you lose, calculate what you did wrong and whether or not the ticket was a loser to start with.

Pinpointing which game to play is tough at first, but not if you pay attention to the industry. Look for tickets that force you to either play a game or scratch a lot of different boxes. Remember, most of these games are made for impulse and will not have strategy, but some will, and that’s what you need to target. If there’s a legitimate game in which you’re playing tic-tac-toe, for instance, chances are you will win more often if you simply pay close attention to the options.

In order to get good at scratch off tickets, you need to not only cash in your winners, but draw a map of how you do it. Take your winning piece, trace the layout and then diagram what you scratched to win. Then turn in your ticket for a new one or cash and start over. Once you have all the options mapped out, you will have a cheat sheet that no one else has, and you will be able to turn scratchers into serious money over time.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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