Lottery Scratch Offs – Better Odds Than You Think

When it comes to gambling and making money, there are few people that can connect the dots and make it work. Millions of people drop all their money on games of chance, and don’t win a thing. Some even create an addiction that is hard to break, instead of learning what many have started to figure out, that NJ lottery scratch offs are in fact major moneymakers, and have better odds than most parlor games you’ll find at any physical casino.

Casinos thrive on making sure that the consumer is not only playing, but they are losing often. By giving many players free drinks and distractions, millions plop down and lose their shirt, but the savvy gamblers go to games of skill, and make serious money, like playing poker. People don’t realize that lottery scratchers are similar to playing poker, in that you need to have skills to make them win for you, and not just blind luck.

Learning the skill set to winning what seems like impossible odds, is to make sure that you’re playing smart, and not just having fun. The average gamer has fun with the idea of winning the lotto, but they don’t put the effort that it takes to make serious money. In order to learn any skill, time needs to be placed into learning the ins and outs of different categories. When it comes to scratchers, an easy rule of thumb to follow is to play mid-level games that aren’t on the lower end of the pricing scale, because the $1 games usher in far more losers than winners, and that’s not just random facts flying towards you, it’s statistically accurate.

Before you start on your quest to figuring out the secrets, make sure that you set up a small fund to buy scratch off options. This is done so that you’re not dipping into your bill money, making sure that you’re treating the gameplay like a business will make sure that you’re moving forward with learning the inner workings of what lottery companies don’t want you to know. Take your time, don’t buy ten or twenty tickets at a time, and use logic when playing.

One last thing that you need to absolutely remember is to take notes on when you lose and when you win. Taking notes is a good idea because you will start to see patterns in what lotto companies produce in terms of new scratch off tickets for sale. They put out new designs often, but the gameplay is similar to their past tickets, so pay close attention and when you start to see reproductions from past winning tickets, pounce, and watch the money start rolling in.

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